So, this is how the whole thing started.  Sort of.

After having my son, we moved to Delaware and I joined a new gym.  And like most gyms looking for more business, they offered a free personal training class, which I took and loved.  My husband and I agreed upon a certain number of sessions and I was ready to loose the 65 plus pounds I put on with my second child.  For the first 4-5 sessions, I was sore for days afterwards!  Like, it was hard to bend over or lift my arms over my head sore and I was THRILLED!  I believe it was session six that my then trainer told me she was taking a new position in the facility and would be passing me along to another trainer.  I was worried since things were going so well and I really liked her workout style.  Needless to say, my new trainer was way more intense and pushed me so much harder, which again, I LOVED!

I never weight trained before, I always turned to running to stay in shape or rather, the weight that I was happiest seeing on the scale.  After my first pregnancy, I took to running our neighborhood, pushing my daughter around in a jogging stroller.  I would do 3-4 miles a day, which has pretty always been my limit distance wise, but she was always hefty so my arms and abs were also getting a serious workout too.  I think it was at this point in my workout life, I was the happiest with my legs.  I am a typical woman who struggles with how I feel about my inner thighs regardless of my pant size.

But back to how this came to be.  Once my original set of personal training sessions were finished, I signed up for a few more cause I really wanted that extra time with my new trainer.  It was amazing until the end and I was sad when it finished.

A few times during our sessions, she had me do some Kettle Bell exercises, which I was familiar with as my husband bought a couple and I would watch him throw them around in the yard.  Scary business.  Well, after my personal training stopped I marched myself up to the Kettle Bell studio for a class back in December of 2012.  And the instructor, who I now see twice a week for his KB class, likes to remind me how I spent the first class laughing because I pretty much had NO idea what I was doing.

Now fast forward to mid-June 2013, present day, and I am proud to say that I have consistently attended midday Kettle Bell class offered twice a week since the end of December.  When I started, I was struggling with a 15 lb. for single bell exercises and two 10 lbs. for doubles.  Now, I’m rocking 20s for doubles, sometimes I drop down to 15s cause I don’t want to hurt myself, but I feel like a rock star.  At least as far as my arms and back are concerned.  Even though Kettle Bells are a total body work out, I still struggle with how my stomach and legs look, which brings me to why you are reading this and why I am sharing this.

Healthy.  Clean eating.  Paleo.  All words I wish I could use to describe my diet, but it is barely scraping by.  I have a sweet tooth like no other.  Right now, I am sitting on the couch salivating, wanting a night time treat cause that’s what I’ve done every night since,  FOREVER.  I have no will power or self control and if I know there is a cookie, piece of chocolate, anything sweet in my house, I will search it out and eat it.  All in one night.  Yuck.  I go to bed feeling badly about my bloated belly and how I’ve totally ruined all my hard efforts during the day at the gym and I know I am not the only one!

So, I’m starting this blog to make myself accountable and hopefully motivate myself to ditch the sugar and just share how even as a fit woman, there is always room to improve your health and strive for the body that makes you happy, even at bed time.

Please read along as I write and I look forward to “hearing” from those who stop by.