Today is the day to figure out what your goals are.  Are they fitness or nutrition related?  Overall health related?  Or maybe you just want to be a nicer person?  No matter what you decide you want to work on, write it down or print it out or set it as your phone background so you can see it every day.  Once you identify your goal, do some more thinking to figure out what motivates you.  Mmmmmm….   

I would say my goals are to lean out and spend ONE entire day eating according to my nutrition plan.  And my motivations would be to continue feeling strong and to feel more confident in my clothes.

In order to achieve my goals, I needed a new fitness routine as well as a healthier diet plan.  So yesterday I met with my trainer and she helped me figure out the first steps to help me get things going.  Here they are…


NO more bananas.  NO more protein powder.  only HALF a grapefruit for a treat like snack at night time. And lots of WATER.

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs & green tea

Snack: Greek yogurt

Lunch: Fresh fish (either tuna or salmon) with veggies

Snack: Spinach, fruit & almond milk smoothie

Dinner: Chicken with veggies

Treat: Half a grapefruit


Add multiple days of running, yoga and interval training.

Monday: Interval training

Tuesday: Kettle Bell class & 40 minute run

Wednesday: 60 minute run

Thursday: Kettle Bell class & yoga

Friday: Intense Interval Training class & 30 minute run

Saturday & Sunday: rest days

This new routine will be nearly doubling my time at the gym.  I am currently going three days a week for the above mentioned classes with an occasional run afterwards.  But as a mom, I struggle trying to determine how my time is better spent at the gym.  Since child care is only two hours long, do I work out more after a class or do I take a quiet ALONE shower before heading home?  Usually I’ve forgotten my towel and clean clothes so I rush home for my son’s nap time and hope the shower doesn’t attract the attention of my daughter.  Good luck to me.   

So now that I have this new plan of attack, when should I begin?  Immediately of course but I always think that one more night of cookies is in order before I can give them up.  Or that we should go out for burgers one last time before I totally give up carbs.  And here I am again, failing before I’ve even started.  So how about NOW?!  Maybe, but not likely.  Saturday and Sundays are my rests days anyway, right?  

Therefore, I will sit on the couch today and eat the pizza my daughter helped me make for lunch.  And I will ask my husband if he wants to go get some local, freshly made ice cream tonight cause it’s a beautiful day.  And it is likely for Father’s Day tomorrow we will BBQ some ground beef and hot dogs, which brings us to Monday morning.  Scrambled eggs – I promise!  Greek yogurt, you bet! Freshly made fish, how about tuna in water in a can?  Okay, fine.  My spinach smoothie will be a welcomed sweet drink.  But by 5 pm, let’s hope I have enough energy to make some chicken for dinner.  Two kids can be draining sometimes, which brings me to after they go to bed and I’m rummaging the kitchen for a treat.  Half a grapefruit remember?  I’ll do my best!

And that’s all we can do.  Our best.  Monday night is likely to be a huge struggle and I’ll probably follow my husband around the house asking him for “permission” to eat the chocolate in the freezer and hopefully he has more will power then me!  I should wrap those chocolates up and put a note on them…

“my goal: spend ONE entire day eating according to my nutrition plan”perfect time