I sat on the couch last night dreading the coming morning.  Would I be able to resist eating cereal?  Or the left over pastries from this weekend?  And guess what, I did!  My husband offered me a bite of his apple fritter and I said, “Nope, I’m done.”  And he responded, “So that’s it?”  “Yes.”

It was an empowering little conversation and I continued to exercise my sad excuse for will power when it came time to pour cereal.  Second morning victory!  I scrambled three eggs instead of two cause if your meal time is anything like mine, my kids come running to eat whatever I have just made for myself.  Therefore, in order to ensure I had the opportunity to consume close to two eggs, I threw in an extra.

And good thing I did.

I sat down and my son starts with his “Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma,” which I am unsure if that is “mommy” or “more” these days.  And my daughter began scooting down the bench to hover over my plate, “Can I have some?”  Well, I shouldn’t be too upset they want to share my food cause hey, it’s healthy and good for them.  Just wish they would eat the eggs when I cooked ‘em for THEM!

Soon I will be heading out for my first session with my old personal trainer.  I am expecting to have my butt kicked and needless to say, I am pumped!

Until tonight….

First, I would like to state that I have officially stuck to my new diet plan.  All day.  Not one single crumb of granola bar or chunk of thrown onto the floor peanut butter and jelly sandwich made it into my mouth!  And as a mom, I am constantly cleaning up all these left over pieces, which can be very tempting to just eat it.  But not today!  My daughter was even lovingly offering me the crusts from her sandwich but I was able to resist.


Second, training went great.  But I need to preface my workout with: I’m not a pusher on the treadmill.  I’m super comfortable at a 6.0 speed, taking it easy and watching whatever show E! has to offer.  My heart rate stays in the mid 150s and I tend to burn a decent amount of calories.  Too bad my trainer doesn’t care about what makes me comfortable.  In fact, she loves the complete opposite and started me off at 7.5 for a quarter mile run followed by a couple other exercises for four rounds total.  And because I didn’t look like I was struggling on the treadmill, she amped me up to 8.0.  (p.s. my HR nearly reached 180)

Lesson learned: work on my “working hard” face!

I left tired and nearly sick to my stomach.  Walking the little people to the car was exhausting and I was relieved to sit and eat an apple.  Phew.  I finally checked my heart rate monitor and I burned 458 calories in 30 minutes.  I was impressed.  Impressed with how far I have come when I started training a year ago after having my son.  Impressed with my determination to accomplish every thruster and pull up as strong as possible.  And impressed we all made it back to the car!

So there, I did it.  This one day was a huge step in the amazing direction I needed.  Knowing that I am capable of actually making conscientious decisions about what I eat and more importantly, do not eat is, well, a relief.

I guess we all just need that one day, hour or moment when we decide to finally stick with it and succeed.

Now, tomorrow doesn’t seem so scary.