Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go to my mother’s house when you decide to start eating healthy.

I drove to New York for my sister’s high school graduation.  And not only was I greeted by the soon to be graduate, but a beautiful box of Italian rainbow cookies.  Know the kind I’m taking about?  Multi-colored cookie with layers of jelly filling surrounded by chocolate.  Ringing a bell?  They are my absolute favorite!  My determination to stick to my diet instantly disappeared and was replaced with the urge to rip the package open and start chowing down on them .  At 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Who needs to wait until desert time?!

I did manage to walk away and funny enough, a few minutes later my mother decided to hide them from my brother who was expected soon, another sweet tooth in the family.  But don’t worry about me and my wee little shred of will power.

On the upside, I had started the day of great.  My new fitness planned called for 60 minutes of cardio and I wasn’t going to miss that.  The car was packed with all things necessary for our overnight stay and we went straight to the gym.  After 30 minutes on the treadmill my knees started to give out so I switched to the elliptical for the remaining 30 minutes.  After a quick shower, my and my two kiddies started our journey North.

I knew we would be traveling for snack and lunch time so I filled the car with healthy options from apples to hard boiled eggs to greek yogurt.  I even brought left overs of tuna and baked soybeans to have for lunch, which I’d like to proudly announce, I did eat while driving.  Everything was going wonderfully and healthfully until the dreaded cookies were spotted.  By dinner time at 8 pm, three hours past my usual dinner time, I was defeated.  The half of a cheeseburger and half of a hot dog went down with some regret, but those 10 or so rainbow cookies were simply amazing.  Oops.

I’m home now, a cookie free home, and tonight will be half a grapefruit for dessert.

Traveling long distances or even just driving down the street can be so challenging when you’ve decided to eat healthy.  Rest stops and restaurants make it impossible to make healthy choices.  Why eat one of the four salad options when you can try one of the 17 different burger combos?  Grilled onions with extra BBQ sauce, I’m in.

So, do we dare cross the threshold of our front door hungry or so near to our afternoon snack time?  I’m learning that it’s not a good idea but if you have to, go prepared.  Throw some almonds in a baggie.  Grab an apple.  Or even carrots sticks.  As tempting as those chocolate bars are at the check out lane, you’re more likely to feel better about the fruit you just ate 10 minutes later instead of the sugar crash 20 minutes later.

Chocolate bliss is so fleeting.  Remember that.

Back on the diet track I go with a couple lessons learned.  One: always expect to get hungry while out of your house so pack a smart snack.  Two: inform your friends and family of your new diet plans so they can be supportive and not unknowingly ruin your hard work.  Three: temptations exist everywhere, so you better work on your will power.