Have you ever received this compliment and felt slightly insulted afterwards?  “You have a great body for a mom.”  Thanks, I think.  Well, this was recently said to me and not only am I still trying to figure out if I was in fact insulted but it started me thinking, what is a “mom’s” body supposed to look like?

If you are a mom, I think it’s safe to say a million facts about your body are running through your head right now.  “I have (insert number here) children.  I nursed them for (insert number of months or years here).  I loved late night (insert your favorite food here) while I was pregnant.  I still love (insert your favorite food here).”

Obviously our bodies go through a lot since it is a mom’s body after all.

First, to bring you a few steps back.  One of my motivations for working out is to be able to protect my children.  Like the flood waters are coming or dare I say, a tornado and I am the only one capable of saving them.  If this sounds totally crazy, you probably don’t have children and if you’re thinking “Yeah, I worry about that too” I’m glad I am not the only one.

So now to tie this all together.

I believe a mom’s body needs to be a capable, healthy one.  That as a mom, not only have our bodies gone through so much to just give us our children, but they continue to go through so much on a daily basis…

Lifting children in and out of the car multiple times a day.  Bending over as we endlessly put on toddler shoes.  Running after quickly escaping babies.  Loading ten grocery bags into the car and then unloading them at home.  Carrying a 25 pound diaper bags filled with every possible necessity.  Hauling five loads of laundry downstairs, and of course, back up stairs.  Reaching up into the kitchen cabinets putting away plates, bowls and sippy cups. Pushing the vacuum around the house once a day, if not more.

We do a lot.  And we put our bodies through even more, so shouldn’t a mom’s body look good.  It deserves it!  All the effort it goes through, we should help it succeed.  Fuel it well and exercise it often so it’s strong to handle whatever your mommy day throws at it.  Not only will exercise make you feel good about your body, but it also boosts those energy levels.  Who couldn’t use some more energy?

And not only should you treat your body well for it’s own sake, but also for that of your children.  You are their most important role model.  Showing them the importance of being healthy will help build a healthy foundation for them.  If the frig is full of fruits to snack on because you have decided to eat better, I bet your little ones will want to share in the fun.

So whether you decide to eat more veggies to green up your diet or start training in preparation for the next natural disaster, your body is a mom’s body and you should be kind to it.