Hello Tuesday!  The weekend is behind us and how did you fare?

I weighed myself first thing Saturday morning.  Gulp.  After sticking, mostly, to my new diet and fitness routine, I was eager to check my weight.  Down two pounds!  Quiet a few emotions went through my head. I was proud that my hard work had paid off and I felt motivated to stick with my diet over the weekend, BUT I would love to have some cookies.  I deserve them don’t I?  My efforts were clearly obvious in the weight drop so what harm could a congratulatory treat do?

Fast forward to Saturday night.  Upset tummy!  Our day plans went hours longer then we
sumed well over 1000 calories in cookies and milk that night.  Yes, you read that correct – over 1000 calorianticipated so dinner was picked up in the frozen food aisle along with oh, my wonderful cookies.  I con

es.  And after a week of grapefruit or greek yogurt for dessert, my tummy was uncomfortable and I was not happy.

Even though I was feeling physically and mentally upset, I acknowledged these feelings in a good light.  Maybe next time I won’t eat the whole package of cookies or better yet, maybe next time I will decide the cookies aren’t worth it all.  As much as I feel the need to “reward” myself for the previous

week, all the sugar doesn’t help my body recover any quicker or simply feel good.  Therefore, how much of a reward is it really?

Sunday was not an improvement.

We spent the day cleaning out the basement, which entailed hauling away metal shelving systems, vacuuming and sweeping, moving boxes from here to there and of course, trying to keep the two little people content.

When lunch time came around, I threw something quick together and needless to say, it wasn’t healthy.  I was hungry and tired, a disastrous combination which resulted in hot dogs.  Afterwards, I was annoyed that my failure to plan a meal for us resulted into such a disappointing lunch.

Post hot dogs, I had two thoughts.  One: don’t have hot dogs on hand anymore and two: plan something that’s both exciting and easy to make for the weekends.

I found the weekend very challenging to stay on track.  Our family schedule is different because my husband is home and we’re usually working on a house related project or out for the day with the our kids.  Not only do I loose track of the time and forget about my morning and afternoon snacks, but both lun

ch time and dinner time seem to sneak up on us when we’re exhausted and feeling lazy.

In anticipation of this upcoming weekend, I’ll do my best to find healthy and quick lunch and dinner options.  Maybe some chicken sausage and grilled peppers instead of hot dogs.  Or ground turkey m
And for dessert, I found two options I’d love to try.  Chocolate mouse made out of prunes and chick pea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I’ll report back on my findings!  eat for hamburgers (sans the bun) with baked sweet potatoes.  Yes, our weekends tend to always be traditional summer time BBQ foods cause well, it is the summer and who doesn’t love a BBQ?

Even though I still have fourdays until Saturday, I am determined to better manage our meals throughout the weekend as well as remember that preparing snacks

and food is still as important on the Saturday and Sunday just as during the week.  And that it is too easy to ruin your previous weeks hard work in a matter of two days.  So plan and be prepared and

stick with it!