True story.  Both of my kids were awake at 4:30 this morning.  And were back in bed by 8:30am, fed, bathed and freshly dressed for nap time.  I was tired and frustrated that one, they woke up so early.  What’s wrong with them!  And two, they were both incredibly cranky because they had decided to wake up at such an unreasonable hour.  Myself included because well, they obviously woke me up and I could have used at least one more hour of zzzzzz’s.

It was quiet in my house by 8:45am and I was lying in bed reading a chapter in my current book entitled “Emotional Eating.”  Ha.  If you happened to be reading my posts, my last one was about emotional eating and how negative feelings such as frustration and stress lead me to cookies.

Can you see where my morning was leading me?

You got it right – cookies.  I closed the book out of annoyance that someone was trying to help me work through these feelings and show me better ways to deal with my emotions.  I have already have a great way to deal with them – cookies!  So I jumped out of bed.  Went to the kitchen.  Poured milk into the 1 cup measure cup that was sitting on the counter from breakfast (I used it to measure my spinach for my omelet) and proceeded to dunk cookie after cookie into it.

Such fleeting happiness.

I went back to bed, still tired and frustrated by the morning.  Between struggling to get everyone to eat some breakfast and control the splashing contest during bath time and pick up every last tiny bit of play dough my 16 month old son threw around the kitchen this morning, I was already spent and now 650 calories invested in cookies.  Side note, my son does have a pretty good arm!  Baseball?

I set my alarm so I could wake up with enough time to get ready to head to the gym for my usual kettle bell class and I remembered something a friend of mine said after readying my emotional eating post.  Make hurtles for yourself before you are allowed to eat what your emotions are driving you to crave.  So brilliant!

Okay.  I decided on a few hurtles to try out and see how it helps next time.

One: drink a large cup of water.  Not only is just good hydration practice, but it will hopefully filly my belly up and discourage the cookie monster within.

Two: throw on a sports bra and do 5 minutes of jumping jacks.  This is only possible when I’m home already but worth a try.  Maybe the quick exercise will be enough to boost my seratonin levels to change my mood.  And promote healthy thoughts of “reach for an apple” instead.

Three: I’ll have to think of a good one when I am out and about.  Maybe inclined pushups on the car?  Or drink a whole bottle of water that I keep warming in the trunk?

Now, I am dressed (kids are still napping!) and ready to go to the gym for class.  I am determined to burn at least 700 calories today as punishment for my weakness this morning.  But, it’s not really “punishment” cause I love my class and I have started to embrace the elliptical machine.  At the ripe old age of 27, my knees are shot and the treadmill hasn’t been my friend lately.  But, I do notice I push myself to keep my heart rate high on the elliptical enough that it’s a great cardio work out.

It’s never too late to change your day and away I go to make it better