I had a revelation on Friday while mowing the lawn.  And it was quite an interesting pathway of thoughts.  

I was recalling a conversation I had Wednesday night with one my friends about how she is working towards a healthier lifestyle.   She chooses one goal at a time and focuses on making that goal an accomplishment.  Instead of trying to change both her diet and exercise all at once, she’s dedicating her efforts on working out three times a week for now.  And once she feels like she has satisfied that goal, it’s time to work on the next.  All in all, a pretty level headed approach to improving ones life.    

So I’m pushing the lawn mower, in about 90 degree heat mind you and sweating like I don’t want to admit, and I’m mowing in my typical, yet unusual manner.  One section at a time.  I’d work on this square first and then another square.  Sort of an odd way to go about mowing the yard, but hey it works.  

I perfected this “skill” as a teenager while shoveling the driveway back in New York.  If there was snow in the drive way and I wanted out then I had to shovel.  I would remove the snow one small area at a time cause it always rewarding to see the snow free pavement.   And here I was again, section by section, slowly mowing away the overgrown grass.  

Then I realized (here’s my revelation) that’s exactly what my friend was talking about!

Taking one step at a time and really focusing on that accomplishment, or area of the yard, and then moving onto the next.  Maybe there is why I’m struggling with my diet while trying to amp up my work out routine.  I tried to take on too much at once and it was a bit more overwhelming than I anticipated or could handle at one time.  

Therefore, how do you proceed?  I’ve already added my goal of working out for five days a week onto my July calendar.  It’s helpful to see what to expect each day as well as make sure I schedule my workouts into my daily routine.  Play dates and grocery shopping can easily throw off my work out schedule so I do my absolute best to keep my life organized.   

Next, actually go to the gym and work out.  For the past three weeks now, I have stuck to my routine.  Five days a week – Check. 

Lastly, stick to my goal for the remainder of the month.  Once July 31st comes around and I have proven to myself I am capable of maintaining my work out routine, I think it is safe to say, I’m capable of moving forward onto my next goal.  Diet. 

Pick one goal that you can start today and start.  Maybe it’s trying to do 5 push ups without stopping or you are determined to cook veggies for every dinner this week.  Think of a place to get you going and see how far you can go!