Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook and being able to share exciting moments in your day, an old high school friend and I have reconnected.  She recently posted that she dead lifted 135 pounds, a wonderful feat, and not only was I excited for her, but determined to give it a try.  After all, isn’t that the epitome of healthy competition?  

The next day I approached one of trainers I’m friends with at my gym, and asked for his help.  He set me up with a 140 lb. hex bar (I never heard of nor used one of these before) and a standard bar with 135 lb.  I’m proud to say I accomplished 12 reps.  

I returned to Facebook to share my exciting new, especially with my old friend whose great work had encourage me to try something new.  Even though we are three states away from each other now, we got to share a little connection and I was mentally giving her a high five.

Fast forward about a week.  While on Pinterest, I saw that she had pinned a Paleo zucchini bread recipe.  First, I quickly checked the recipe and I was thrilled that I had all the necessary ingredients to bake it.  And then I headed straight to Facebook to message my friend,  “You eat Paleo too?!”  A girl after my own heart.   

She responded to my message explaining that she tries to follow a Paleo diet but some days are better than others.  And since I also strive to eat Paleo, we decided to become keep-each-other-on-a-Paleo-diet buddies.  YES!  Just what I could use.  Someone to share my daily diet with, exchange recipe and meal ideas with.  As well as to be there for encouragement and support for each other when we start to get off tract.

We spent the next two hours or so messaging back and forth about our goals, what we currently eat, what we would like to eat more of and touched on our work out routines.  I probably stayed up a little too late, we failed to mention the importance of sleep, but I’ll go to bed on time tonight – I swear! 

Not only was it great to talk to one of my best high school friends, but that almost ten years later, we have found common ground again.  

I am looking forward to being accountable to someone.  Most importantly, someone who clearly shares the desire to be strong, fit and healthy and who also understands the dedication and hard work it takes to achieve those goals.  

These things take not only time, but determination to stick with it and I truly hope that together she and I can step up our game and bring both our nutrition and fitness to the next level.