After we finished all the chocolate zucchini muffins and pumpkin pancakes turned muffins, I needed to bake another Paleo “treat”.  Having a healthier snack option in the house has been really helpful keeping me away from the nearest box of cookies. 

I came across a recipe for Paleo pumpkin breakfast cookies on Pinterest, which was perfect because I still had some pumpkin puree left over from my pancake muffins.  And these were extra special because you could tailor them with the choice of 2-3 cups of mixings.

I wanted something sweet, so I decided to put a half cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in, and I had a container of neglected sunflower seeds so I threw in one cup of those.  I also included half a cup of raisins.  

My dough yielded 17 cookies, at about 146 calories per cookie and almost 5 grams of protein each. 

While I was mixing all of the ingredients together, which was super easy in one big bowl, my husband and I decided to take a drive to get the family out of the house.  After a quick map search, I found a local lighthouse in a nearby state park.  So we loaded up the kids and I brought some fresh baked pumpkin cookies for our adventure.  

The cookies received mixed reviews.  My husband didn’t like all the sunflower seeds as their taste is a bit overwhelming but my 17 month old son didn’t seem to mind as he sat in the stroller eating the pieces I gave him.  And I think I have eaten the lion’s share for sure.    

Next time, I will adjust my mixing measurements as well as try different ones.  Maybe some almond slices and 

not nearly as many sunflower seeds.  I really loved the raisins so those will probably be a staple.         

Oh before I forget, the recipe gives you the option to use one or two eggs.  I went with one egg and used blue agave nectar.  I feel like I’ve been going through our honey so quickly that I wanted to try a different sweetener.  I don’t think it made a difference in the taste.

I hope you take the opportunity to give these cookies a try.  I have noticed how the past few Paleo treats I’ve baked required only need one bowl and a fork for stirring.  Super easy and no electric mixer required to cream all that butter!

stuffed pumpkin cookies


Less dishes make this mommy happy so all around, these cookies are the way to go.

And now I am off to eat my last one of the batch! 





Here is the link for the recipe I followed: