It has been birthday party season in my daughter’s group of friends.  Four parties all within two weeks, which undoubtably meant cake, cupcakes and icing.  Just plain ol’ sugar.

A few weeks ago, I seriously committed to eliminating sugar from my diet.  I stopped snacking on fruit bars and tried to keep my peanut butter and jelly thievery down to one or two bites.  And amazingly enough, I stopped buying my coveted chocolate chip cookies.  I was honest with myself and knew I would need an evening treat, so I started making chick pea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  They are super delicious, filling and made of three REAL ingredients.  You guessed it: chick peas, peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and the missing link, honey.

Birthday party number one.  Cupcakes.  Loaded with icing.  I’ve always removed most of the icing for my daughter because that is usually the only thing she eats.  Yuck.  And I’ve found that if I take it off, she’s more likely to walk away from the cupcake or cake.  Which is exactly what happened this time and she left me alone with her plate of fallen apart chocolate cupcake.  My willpower failed and I ate it.

At least it was only half?!

Even though I didn’t want to eat the treat, I was happy that I hadn’t grabbed one for myself as well as polishing off hers.  Small victories.

Next party.  Cake.  Covered with fondant.  I stood my ground at this party.  Again, I removed as much fondant as my protesting daughter would allow and she abandoned ship pretty quickly.  Plate of cake….again.  I walked away and hovered over the fruit, eating watermelon every time I felt an urge to try a piece.  SUCCESS!

After buckling my daughter up in the car, I feverishly texted my diet texting buddy and told her about my victory.  I was so proud of myself.  And I even stuck to my Paleo diet by only eating the chicken and fruit.  Happy dance – begin now.

Okay, done.

Third birthday party.  Cupcakes.  Same procedure as the last two.  Remove icing and my daughter walked away.  Unfortunately, my son wanted some this time and I was forced to touch the cupcake, which ultimately led to me having a bite or two.

And then I realized something at this party.  That all three of us could eat just one piece of cake or cupcake.  My daughter seems to always loose interest once the ever so exciting icing is gone and it’s easier to restrict a 17 month olds consumption and I don’t need more than a bite or two myself.  Brilliant I say!

Last party.  Also known as, the demise of me and my will power.

I think it’s safe to say I ate about four to five healthy sized pieces of cake.  And as I kept eating them, I was thinking “why am I not feeling full or tasting how much sugar is in this?”  I ate my piece.  Finished my daughters.  Went back for a small third and fourth piece, oh and I brought two more pieces home, which I ate most of all by myself on the couch that night cause my husband had to go in for a work related emergency.  Therefore, I blame him!

Monday morning.  First thing I did was throw out the left over cake.  Peace out cake slice.  About an hour later, my stomach did not feel good at all.  And within 45 minutes, it was official – I was sick.  So sick that my husband had to come home to watch our two little people while I was incapacitated.  And for 14 hours, I was either in bed and sorry to over share, or in the bathroom.

I don’t think I’ve ever received a bodily message more loudly and clearly – TOO MUCH SUGAR!

It has been almost four weeks that I had seriously cut back my refined sugar intake and it’s amazing how quickly my body started adjusting to the change.  I had even omitted baking with white flour and was using almond flour instead.  Most of my sugar came from fruit or honey or the 1/2 cup of organic dark chocolate chips in my chick pea peanut butter cookies.  I never felt like I was depriving myself of sweets, just not five huge pieces of cake worth.

Despite all the discomfort and pain I suffered through Monday, Tuesday I woke up feeling great.  And six pounds lighter.  Even though that does sound exciting, it’s all water weight and I knew I was serious dehydrated.  Water.  Water.  Water.  I even went to my usual Kettle Bell class and felt pretty strong.

I’m now starting to realize how important it is to properly feed your body.  This is something I think everybody knows, but it is hard to always follow through.  Myself included.  And after an experience like Monday, I have not looked at treats the same way.  I even skipped over cookies a friend of mine baked the other night and stuck with just watermelon, and gladly too.

Maybe one day, I will train my taste buds into loving real sugars like fruit and honey more then cupcakes and cookies.  Maybe one day, I will no longer see cake and yearn for it, but happily think “No thank you!”  Maybe one day, I won’t struggle to pass the plate of home made cookies or better yet, just be able to have one and be satisfied with that ONE.

One day.