While mowing our yard yesterday, I had a thought: I think a lot when I’m mowing.  I’m not naturally a contemplative person and don’t typically think about things once they have occurred or the moment has passed.  But while I’m pushing our little mower around, I find myself thinking about a past conversation or what plans I have coming up or even what I should write on here.  Kinda strange for me.

And I also realized the benefits of mowing the lawn so I decided to compile the ones I could think of.  Yes.  While mowing.

  1. The obvious – the grass gets cut.  As a home owner, a freshly cut lawn makes me happy.  The fallen leaves get mulched up to help fertilize the grass and a smooth looking yard is simply beautiful.
  2. You get a work out.  Even though you’re “only” walking, you are pushing that mower up those inclines, around that tree, moving lawn chairs out of the way and if you’re yard is like mine, picking up endless amounts of sticks.  It IS a work out.  You can take this one step further, put on your heart rate monitor and try to keep your HR up.  I did this once, trying to maintain a 140 HR and burned over 400 calories in an hour.  Score.
  3. Alone time.  Despite the fact that cutting the grass is manual labor, you are also by yourself.  And as a mom, it’s nice to have that time free of screaming, whining, complaining children.  Or are mine the only ones like that?  And trust me, you can’t hear much over the sound of the machine.
  4. One chore done.  If your husband is like mine, he’ll be relieved that someone else took care of the job.  It’s a tasking one that he might be very willing to hand over to you and probably won’t complain about having to be on kid duty instead.  Just don’t tell him how much you enjoy this alone time.
  5. Thorough exam of the property.  We bought our house about eight months ago and boy was it a mess and the yard still is.  It seems like garbage, especially glass, was just thrown all over.  I take this time walking every inch of the yard as an opportunity to spot the dangers.  I am a mom on a mission to make our yard as bare feet friendly as possible.
  6. Fresh air.  Simple enough.  You’re not likely to go mow in the rain, so chances are it’ll be sunny, which also means getting your recommended Vitamin D intake.  Sunglasses could be helpful with all the sunny rays as well as fashionable protective eye wear.
  7. Look what mom can do!  I think there’s something to say about a woman taking on what is considered a traditionally daddy job.  Even though I probably won’t always be the one mowing the lawn, my children will see that men and woman can share in the same things. Nothing has to be gender specific.
  8. Children entertain themselves.  Several times I’ve mowed the lawn while my two kids are wandering around outside.  Of course I’m ever mindful of where they are in relation to the lawn mower, but they do a wonderful job of finding ways to entertain themselves while I’m busy.  For example, yesterday my daughter was digging up seashells that were stuck in the dirt (remember I said the yard was a mess!) and collecting them in a bucket.  Since I am busy working, they are forced to fend for themselves if you will, a great way to encourage independence.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should immediately head out to cut that grass!  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water afterwards, you’re working out remember, and enjoy a snack with the kiddies for a job well done picnic style on your freshly mowed lawn.

Go bust out that machine now!