Two whole months has gone by and boy has a lot happened in my dieting world. 

First, I gave up cookies/treats/chocolate, really anything that was considered a sugary snack for 21 days!  That was quiet the journey.  One I look forward to do doing again.  Tomorrow.  After eating all of my kids Halloween candy they collect tonight.  

Obviously the first week or two were extremely difficult as my body was craving sugar so much so I was in withdrawal and suffered from headaches.  But once I hit the half way point, I felt like I just needed to stick it out because I had come so far already.

I noticed I replaced my sugar fix with carbs, another form of sugar.  But since eating bread and bran flakes wasn’t my problem area, I ate them knowing I would be able to stop after the 21 days had passed.  

Once I hit day 21, it was downhill again from there.  I was hoping to feel empowered enough to stay away from my sugar habits, but that was a total bust.  I hit treats pretty hard that first week but I have slowed down since then.  After tonight and some good ol’ Trick or Treating, I plan to give the 21 days another go.  Wish me luck!

Second, I bought a juicer in order to consume more veggies.  It’s amazing how easily you can drink celery, cucumber, carrots and ginger as long as you toss in an apple or two to sweeten it up.  My son has really enjoyed it too and will point to the juicer, “Juice, juice.”  And if you could see his face, there’s really no way to resist.

I tried a 3 day juice cleanse at least two times and failed both attempts.  After depriving myself of treats and now failing to stick to a liquid diet, I learned the deprivation is not my strong point.  Better to be healthy then extreme.

Lastly, I am pretty sure I’m becoming a Vegan.  A friend of mine recommended looking into the diet “Eat your type”, which are four different diets depending on your blood type.  For blood type A, they recommend eating vegetarian – that’s right, no more meat.  Apparently people with type A blood tend to have low stomach acid, which makes it harder to break down animal proteins and that creates blup, blup blup….gas and bloat!  Yuck!

It’s been over a week now since I’ve eaten meat and I lost 2.5 pounds AND I’m still eating treats.  Can’t wait to see how I feel once I do my 21 day no cookie challenge again.  Oh and no more bloated tummy.  All along I thought it was the after dinner treats that made me feel uncomfortable, but I think it was all those chicken dinners that were doing me in.

Now that I have decided to go meat-less on top of my already existing dairy free diet, what’s left…fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and I will still eat eggs.  As a chicken owner (for the sole reason of having free ranged eggs in the backyard), I can’t give them up.  Sounds vegan right?  I’m checking out a book from the library to double check.          

Protein?!  Since I workout five days a week, and I want to start doing some heavy lifting, I will have to watch my protein intake.  Did you know that peas have something crazy like 7 grams of protein per one cup?!  I didn’t realize either so I plan on putting peas into everything until I can’t take it anymore.  

Need less to say, a lot has changed for the better over the past two months.  I’m feel like I’m starting to figure out what works best for my body and get control of eating healthy. 

Just in time for the holidays.