all the kettle BELLS and WHISTLES

motivation and drive to work out, be healthier and have fun

while i vanished…

Two whole months has gone by and boy has a lot happened in my dieting world. 

First, I gave up cookies/treats/chocolate, really anything that was considered a sugary snack for 21 days!  That was quiet the journey.  One I look forward to do doing again.  Tomorrow.  After eating all of my kids Halloween candy they collect tonight.  

Obviously the first week or two were extremely difficult as my body was craving sugar so much so I was in withdrawal and suffered from headaches.  But once I hit the half way point, I felt like I just needed to stick it out because I had come so far already.

I noticed I replaced my sugar fix with carbs, another form of sugar.  But since eating bread and bran flakes wasn’t my problem area, I ate them knowing I would be able to stop after the 21 days had passed.  

Once I hit day 21, it was downhill again from there.  I was hoping to feel empowered enough to stay away from my sugar habits, but that was a total bust.  I hit treats pretty hard that first week but I have slowed down since then.  After tonight and some good ol’ Trick or Treating, I plan to give the 21 days another go.  Wish me luck!

Second, I bought a juicer in order to consume more veggies.  It’s amazing how easily you can drink celery, cucumber, carrots and ginger as long as you toss in an apple or two to sweeten it up.  My son has really enjoyed it too and will point to the juicer, “Juice, juice.”  And if you could see his face, there’s really no way to resist.

I tried a 3 day juice cleanse at least two times and failed both attempts.  After depriving myself of treats and now failing to stick to a liquid diet, I learned the deprivation is not my strong point.  Better to be healthy then extreme.

Lastly, I am pretty sure I’m becoming a Vegan.  A friend of mine recommended looking into the diet “Eat your type”, which are four different diets depending on your blood type.  For blood type A, they recommend eating vegetarian – that’s right, no more meat.  Apparently people with type A blood tend to have low stomach acid, which makes it harder to break down animal proteins and that creates blup, blup blup….gas and bloat!  Yuck!

It’s been over a week now since I’ve eaten meat and I lost 2.5 pounds AND I’m still eating treats.  Can’t wait to see how I feel once I do my 21 day no cookie challenge again.  Oh and no more bloated tummy.  All along I thought it was the after dinner treats that made me feel uncomfortable, but I think it was all those chicken dinners that were doing me in.

Now that I have decided to go meat-less on top of my already existing dairy free diet, what’s left…fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and I will still eat eggs.  As a chicken owner (for the sole reason of having free ranged eggs in the backyard), I can’t give them up.  Sounds vegan right?  I’m checking out a book from the library to double check.          

Protein?!  Since I workout five days a week, and I want to start doing some heavy lifting, I will have to watch my protein intake.  Did you know that peas have something crazy like 7 grams of protein per one cup?!  I didn’t realize either so I plan on putting peas into everything until I can’t take it anymore.  

Need less to say, a lot has changed for the better over the past two months.  I’m feel like I’m starting to figure out what works best for my body and get control of eating healthy. 

Just in time for the holidays.


kiddies & doggies

Although this doesn’t relate to health or fitness, it relates to being a mommy to children and canine alike.  

A few weeks ago, I witnessed our chickens being attacked by a fox.  To make the story short: the girls were making a really loud fuss, I looked outside, saw a fox running after my chickens, which prompted me to go running outside screaming “NO!” and chase after the fox.  I was happy that he was unsuccessful in his chicken theft, but he really wounded one of our Rhode Island Reds.  What’s more sad then a limping and bleeding chicken who hides in the wood pile?  

I knew fox were a real problem in our area, but after uneventful weeks of free ranging our hens, I clearly had became too lax.  

Once everyone was safe in the coop that night, my husband did a count of the girls only to learn that we were down two – two of my beloved Buff Orpington’s.  And I have to admit I cried.  I felt like I had let my flock down and I was determined to find a way to keep them safe.  

A dog?!  

My husband was adamant against getting a dog until I found a specific livestock guardian breed, the Anatolian Shepherd.  It’s a very large breed, great with kids, sturdy enough to live in cold climates and gorgeous.  SOLD!

Now I am happy to say after driving over fours hours one way, we are now owners (well parents) to our new baby boy, Magnus.  He’s only ten weeks old and a monster already.  The next year will be about training him to behave properly (as all good parents should do) and set him up to watch our chicken flock.  But the past few days has taught me something else, that having a puppy is very similar to having a baby.  

So here are my reasons why you should wait to get a puppy after you’ve had a kid or two.

  1. Poop clean up – who needs gloves anymore?  Well, maybe not really but after dirty diapers for over two years per child, you’re an old hat at poop duty.
  2. Whining.  I’ve honed the skill of toning out whining children for the past three years, so what’s a puppy?
  3. You already refer to yourself as “mommy.”  And since your children are likely to always be around, you won’t sound too crazy in public when you’re talking to your dog, “come to mommy!”
  4. After potty training one child, you can appreciate the excitement of pooping and peeing where you are supposed to, i.e. the  yard for puppy or toilet for child.  Who thought bodily functions were so thrilling?  
  5. If your child wakes up at a reasonable hour, like after 6:00 am, I would highly reconsider a puppy.  Breakfast before 5 in the morning is not as awesome as it sounds.  Wait, that doesn’t sound awesome?!
  6. It is likely that you’ve also mastered the skill of identifying real crying (something’s wrong) from fake crying (attention please!) with your kids.  And puppy’s seem to be the same.  “Whimper whimper.  I don’t like my crate” versus “Pee!  It’s coming! Get me out of here!”  
  7. Time to rest.  Both tired kids and puppies get cranky and are super fussy and you guessed it, whine.  Knowing when it’s time for a nap is key and keeps everybody happy, and most importantly, mommy sane.  
  8. You understand the value of praise.  If you want your puppy to grasp a new skill, giving them high praise enforces their desire to want to do it again and see you happy.  Toddlers are the same way, “Mommy, look! I put my shoes on by myself!”  Which of course is a great accomplishment that your enthusiastic response will encourage independent shoe putting on all the time.  
  9. Dirty laundry accumulates very fast with kids.  Between jammies, multiples outfits each day, towels and bedding, you are likely to be doing two loads a day.  What’s a couple extra doggie towels?  
  10. Like a teething and exploring baby, doggie’s also bite and mouth to learn about their new world.  You probably remember how your infant put everything into his or her mouth right?  Well, puppies also love to chew, nip and put anything that will fit into their mouths.

And it goes without saying, you will love your new family member and want squeeze them ‘til they pop or eat their faces just like your own children (if you’ve seen my son’s cheeks, you’d want to eat them too!).  

There you have it – why I think having a puppy after a baby is likely to help you cope with the many adventures of parenthood.

working out with BOOKS

According to Francis Bacon, knowledge is power.  But I have to be honest, right now knowledge is kinda scaring me, just a little bit.  

A while back I was searching through my local library’s online data base for a women’s health book to read.  I’ve always enjoyed reading so I thought since I enjoy working out so much, I would LOVE to read about being healthy.  I was right, I have been enjoying reading all my books but I’m not necessarily enjoying all that I am reading.  Make sense?  

The first book ready for pick up was “Chill Out & Get Healthy.”  From the cover, it’s contents were unexpected.  The author is trained in Chinese Medicine and she bases her book around the concepts such as your essence and Qi as well as how stress and a poor diet is are aging us too quickly.  Have you heard of prenatal essence?  Me either.    

I really appreciated what this book had to offer as it really honed in on how we should be more aware of our insides and listen to our body more.  Most of what the author talked about sounded like common sense but it never clicked for me until I started this book.  For example, if you’re bloated and gassy (admit it, it’s fine) it’s typically because you ate something that your body has a very hard time digesting.  Therefore, don’t eat it because it’s not necessarily good for you, sans the typical gas making veggies of course!

And this was also the first time I read about eating organic, an idea I’m starting to warm up to.  I always had reservations about it…too expensive, sounds a little too extreme for me and quiet honestly, who had time to seek out organic products.  But the obvious fact that organic produce is not grown with chemicals means you won’t be ingesting chemicals.  Peanut butter with apple coated chemical skin doesn’t sound so appetizing anymore.   

If you’re looking for a fun, easy and to the point book about being healthy, I highly recommend “Chill Out and Get Healthy.” I plan on purchasing a copy for my book shelf.     


Did you know that Jessica Alba has her own plant based, no toxic, not tested on animals product line for baby and family?  Either did I until I read her book “The Honest Life.”  This was a wonderful read.  She covers all areas of family life and explains the many ways you can rid your home of all the gross things we seem to be washing our bodies with.  

One fact that has really stuck with me is that baby soaps have a numbing ingredient so our little people don’t feel the soap stinging their eyes.  Not only am I appalled, but I feel terrible that I’ve been washing my kids with such harsh and unsafe cleaners.  Now, I’ve decided not to go off the walls throwing everything out, but rather I will replace products as we finish them.  This gives me the opportunity to continue educating myself as well as not wasting money already spent.

I think this is a great book for all moms.  So if you are a mom, find it and read it!


Last night I finished “Suicide by Sugar,” which I was excited to read because the author states she’ll tell you how to eliminate sugar from your diet.  Well, when it got to that chapter, or section rather, I was pretty disappointed.  She simply advises to start cutting back and then stop all together after a certain amount of time.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?!  The bulk of the book repeats how sugar is destroying our immune system, throwing our body’s homeostasis out of whack, disturbing the mineral balance within our bodies as well as the very obvious making us overweight.  

There was one section I did enjoy reading.  It was about how children are also being affected in all aspects of their lives by sugar – hyperactivity, overweight, poor behavior, inability to focus or pay attention in school as well as these little bodies have sugar dependencies.  And as a mother, I was really upset that I’m aiding in this unfortunate pathway for my own kids. 

On most days my daughter wakes up and asks for a treat and likes to finish her day off with some ice cream.  Of course I don’t give her a treat in the morning, even though I’m pretty sure her cereal could be considered one, and we are able to limit how much ice cream we give her, but sugar is obviously running their her body making her crave it even more.  

And despite my good efforts to buy unsweetened applesauce and bake goodies using honey and peanut butter instead of white sugar and butter, we still seem to consume too much sugar.  

Eliminating sugar from our diets is something I strive to work on but it’s difficult when you actually suffer from sugar withdrawal pains like any other addiction (that’s right you can have a  sugar addiction!).  Headaches, crankiness and of course, the unnatural urge to all sweets in sight.  Whoever said the wise adage “you want what you can’t have”? was right because every time I swear of sweets, I typically end up eating more than I usually do on a normal day.  

So what’s the answer?  

Right now I intend to keep reading as much as possible to gather information to make those important decisions in mine and my families lives.  Being healthy isn’t always about exercising those muscles (a key part not to forget though), but also making sure we treat our outsides and insides safely and smartly.  Go to the book store or better yet, the library and bring home a bunch of books.  Read during nap time or before bed because knowledge really is power.

go mow the lawn

While mowing our yard yesterday, I had a thought: I think a lot when I’m mowing.  I’m not naturally a contemplative person and don’t typically think about things once they have occurred or the moment has passed.  But while I’m pushing our little mower around, I find myself thinking about a past conversation or what plans I have coming up or even what I should write on here.  Kinda strange for me.

And I also realized the benefits of mowing the lawn so I decided to compile the ones I could think of.  Yes.  While mowing.

  1. The obvious – the grass gets cut.  As a home owner, a freshly cut lawn makes me happy.  The fallen leaves get mulched up to help fertilize the grass and a smooth looking yard is simply beautiful.
  2. You get a work out.  Even though you’re “only” walking, you are pushing that mower up those inclines, around that tree, moving lawn chairs out of the way and if you’re yard is like mine, picking up endless amounts of sticks.  It IS a work out.  You can take this one step further, put on your heart rate monitor and try to keep your HR up.  I did this once, trying to maintain a 140 HR and burned over 400 calories in an hour.  Score.
  3. Alone time.  Despite the fact that cutting the grass is manual labor, you are also by yourself.  And as a mom, it’s nice to have that time free of screaming, whining, complaining children.  Or are mine the only ones like that?  And trust me, you can’t hear much over the sound of the machine.
  4. One chore done.  If your husband is like mine, he’ll be relieved that someone else took care of the job.  It’s a tasking one that he might be very willing to hand over to you and probably won’t complain about having to be on kid duty instead.  Just don’t tell him how much you enjoy this alone time.
  5. Thorough exam of the property.  We bought our house about eight months ago and boy was it a mess and the yard still is.  It seems like garbage, especially glass, was just thrown all over.  I take this time walking every inch of the yard as an opportunity to spot the dangers.  I am a mom on a mission to make our yard as bare feet friendly as possible.
  6. Fresh air.  Simple enough.  You’re not likely to go mow in the rain, so chances are it’ll be sunny, which also means getting your recommended Vitamin D intake.  Sunglasses could be helpful with all the sunny rays as well as fashionable protective eye wear.
  7. Look what mom can do!  I think there’s something to say about a woman taking on what is considered a traditionally daddy job.  Even though I probably won’t always be the one mowing the lawn, my children will see that men and woman can share in the same things. Nothing has to be gender specific.
  8. Children entertain themselves.  Several times I’ve mowed the lawn while my two kids are wandering around outside.  Of course I’m ever mindful of where they are in relation to the lawn mower, but they do a wonderful job of finding ways to entertain themselves while I’m busy.  For example, yesterday my daughter was digging up seashells that were stuck in the dirt (remember I said the yard was a mess!) and collecting them in a bucket.  Since I am busy working, they are forced to fend for themselves if you will, a great way to encourage independence.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should immediately head out to cut that grass!  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water afterwards, you’re working out remember, and enjoy a snack with the kiddies for a job well done picnic style on your freshly mowed lawn.

Go bust out that machine now!

one day

It has been birthday party season in my daughter’s group of friends.  Four parties all within two weeks, which undoubtably meant cake, cupcakes and icing.  Just plain ol’ sugar.

A few weeks ago, I seriously committed to eliminating sugar from my diet.  I stopped snacking on fruit bars and tried to keep my peanut butter and jelly thievery down to one or two bites.  And amazingly enough, I stopped buying my coveted chocolate chip cookies.  I was honest with myself and knew I would need an evening treat, so I started making chick pea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  They are super delicious, filling and made of three REAL ingredients.  You guessed it: chick peas, peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and the missing link, honey.

Birthday party number one.  Cupcakes.  Loaded with icing.  I’ve always removed most of the icing for my daughter because that is usually the only thing she eats.  Yuck.  And I’ve found that if I take it off, she’s more likely to walk away from the cupcake or cake.  Which is exactly what happened this time and she left me alone with her plate of fallen apart chocolate cupcake.  My willpower failed and I ate it.

At least it was only half?!

Even though I didn’t want to eat the treat, I was happy that I hadn’t grabbed one for myself as well as polishing off hers.  Small victories.

Next party.  Cake.  Covered with fondant.  I stood my ground at this party.  Again, I removed as much fondant as my protesting daughter would allow and she abandoned ship pretty quickly.  Plate of cake….again.  I walked away and hovered over the fruit, eating watermelon every time I felt an urge to try a piece.  SUCCESS!

After buckling my daughter up in the car, I feverishly texted my diet texting buddy and told her about my victory.  I was so proud of myself.  And I even stuck to my Paleo diet by only eating the chicken and fruit.  Happy dance – begin now.

Okay, done.

Third birthday party.  Cupcakes.  Same procedure as the last two.  Remove icing and my daughter walked away.  Unfortunately, my son wanted some this time and I was forced to touch the cupcake, which ultimately led to me having a bite or two.

And then I realized something at this party.  That all three of us could eat just one piece of cake or cupcake.  My daughter seems to always loose interest once the ever so exciting icing is gone and it’s easier to restrict a 17 month olds consumption and I don’t need more than a bite or two myself.  Brilliant I say!

Last party.  Also known as, the demise of me and my will power.

I think it’s safe to say I ate about four to five healthy sized pieces of cake.  And as I kept eating them, I was thinking “why am I not feeling full or tasting how much sugar is in this?”  I ate my piece.  Finished my daughters.  Went back for a small third and fourth piece, oh and I brought two more pieces home, which I ate most of all by myself on the couch that night cause my husband had to go in for a work related emergency.  Therefore, I blame him!

Monday morning.  First thing I did was throw out the left over cake.  Peace out cake slice.  About an hour later, my stomach did not feel good at all.  And within 45 minutes, it was official – I was sick.  So sick that my husband had to come home to watch our two little people while I was incapacitated.  And for 14 hours, I was either in bed and sorry to over share, or in the bathroom.

I don’t think I’ve ever received a bodily message more loudly and clearly – TOO MUCH SUGAR!

It has been almost four weeks that I had seriously cut back my refined sugar intake and it’s amazing how quickly my body started adjusting to the change.  I had even omitted baking with white flour and was using almond flour instead.  Most of my sugar came from fruit or honey or the 1/2 cup of organic dark chocolate chips in my chick pea peanut butter cookies.  I never felt like I was depriving myself of sweets, just not five huge pieces of cake worth.

Despite all the discomfort and pain I suffered through Monday, Tuesday I woke up feeling great.  And six pounds lighter.  Even though that does sound exciting, it’s all water weight and I knew I was serious dehydrated.  Water.  Water.  Water.  I even went to my usual Kettle Bell class and felt pretty strong.

I’m now starting to realize how important it is to properly feed your body.  This is something I think everybody knows, but it is hard to always follow through.  Myself included.  And after an experience like Monday, I have not looked at treats the same way.  I even skipped over cookies a friend of mine baked the other night and stuck with just watermelon, and gladly too.

Maybe one day, I will train my taste buds into loving real sugars like fruit and honey more then cupcakes and cookies.  Maybe one day, I will no longer see cake and yearn for it, but happily think “No thank you!”  Maybe one day, I won’t struggle to pass the plate of home made cookies or better yet, just be able to have one and be satisfied with that ONE.

One day.

stuffed pumpkin cookies

After we finished all the chocolate zucchini muffins and pumpkin pancakes turned muffins, I needed to bake another Paleo “treat”.  Having a healthier snack option in the house has been really helpful keeping me away from the nearest box of cookies. 

I came across a recipe for Paleo pumpkin breakfast cookies on Pinterest, which was perfect because I still had some pumpkin puree left over from my pancake muffins.  And these were extra special because you could tailor them with the choice of 2-3 cups of mixings.

I wanted something sweet, so I decided to put a half cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in, and I had a container of neglected sunflower seeds so I threw in one cup of those.  I also included half a cup of raisins.  

My dough yielded 17 cookies, at about 146 calories per cookie and almost 5 grams of protein each. 

While I was mixing all of the ingredients together, which was super easy in one big bowl, my husband and I decided to take a drive to get the family out of the house.  After a quick map search, I found a local lighthouse in a nearby state park.  So we loaded up the kids and I brought some fresh baked pumpkin cookies for our adventure.  

The cookies received mixed reviews.  My husband didn’t like all the sunflower seeds as their taste is a bit overwhelming but my 17 month old son didn’t seem to mind as he sat in the stroller eating the pieces I gave him.  And I think I have eaten the lion’s share for sure.    

Next time, I will adjust my mixing measurements as well as try different ones.  Maybe some almond slices and 

not nearly as many sunflower seeds.  I really loved the raisins so those will probably be a staple.         

Oh before I forget, the recipe gives you the option to use one or two eggs.  I went with one egg and used blue agave nectar.  I feel like I’ve been going through our honey so quickly that I wanted to try a different sweetener.  I don’t think it made a difference in the taste.

I hope you take the opportunity to give these cookies a try.  I have noticed how the past few Paleo treats I’ve baked required only need one bowl and a fork for stirring.  Super easy and no electric mixer required to cream all that butter!

stuffed pumpkin cookies


Less dishes make this mommy happy so all around, these cookies are the way to go.

And now I am off to eat my last one of the batch! 





Here is the link for the recipe I followed:




Who doesn’t cringe a little when it come times to say “cheese”?  I do as I’m giving my hair a quick feel check, trying to remember to suck in all while hoping that at least one of my children are smiling at the camera with me.  And I usually like to check the image right away, oh the instant gratification of digital cameras, and have my husband take another if things just aren’t looking right. 

Sound like you?  Or maybe it is just me.  

Which brings me to my next point.  Progress photos.  I’ve always noticed how fitness blogs or even just pictures posted on Facebook are used as a way to show someone’s body transformation from “before” to “after”.  As exciting as being able to see the physical changes, I have some issues with these pictures.

My initial thought is that my 128 pound body will undoubtably look way different then your 128 lb. body.  After all we are two different people with various fat and muscle content as well as different heights.  And if you or I don’t like what we see in the mirror, that could lead to too many negative thoughts.  

Not a good road to go down.  

And as hard as it is, do not compare yourself to others.  I find myself doing it occasionally, “wow, look how small her waist is” or better yet, “she has really nice calf muscles.”  But almost simultaneously, I catch myself and try to give myself a metal compliment.  We should always think positively about ourselves and appreciate the good aspects we like about ourselves, not just the physical things.

But back to the pictures.

I was recently reading someone’s personal fitness blog and how she did a 30 day diet and fitness challenge.  She displayed her day 1 and day 30 ab shots next to each other.  And there I was wishing I had her day 30 tummy, lean and muscular.  My husband looks over at my computer screen and I say in a sad voice, “I wish my stomach looked like that.”  And he reached for the best response he could come up with at that moment, “you look as good as day 1.”  


She clearly wasn’t happy with her day 1, but at least I looked like that.  I guess.  It was at that moment I realized progress photos tend to promote only positive feelings in those willing to post their pictures.  Clearly this woman was very proud of her hard work and dedication for the past 30 days, and I would be too, but there I was staring longingly at her abs.  Close that computer screen immediately!

Everyone’s goals are different and therefore everyone’s results will vary.  I think it can be inspiring to see someone transform themselves but for those struggling, it can be hard to look at others success.  

Therefore, I think it is a good idea to take pictures for your own, personal viewing.  I have a few from about 4 weeks post-second baby.  And boy is it encouraging to see how all those squats, pull ups, miles on the treadmill, grilled chicken dinners and kettle bell swings have paid off.    

Look honestly at yourself, not longingly at others and know that you can change anything you want.  And we should strive to be red faced and sweaty, not green with envy.

chocolate zucchini muffins

This morning I decided to make one of the four different paleo recipes I left tagged on my computer.  While clicking through them, my husband comes by and spots the chocolate zucchini bread and excitedly asks, “You’re making zucchini bread?”

Sure, why not.

My daughter instantly drags the kitchen chair over the island, hops up and states, “I want to help.”

Sure, why not.

The recipe is originally for a bread loaf, but I went with the cupcake tin.  I find it’s easier to control how much I am eating of such deliciousness if the portion is already predetermined.  The batter made 11 cupcakes and baked for 20 minutes.

chocolate zucchini batter

I swapped out the sun butter for 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 1/4 cup almond butter.  I also used a

lmond flour instead of coconut flour cause that is what I had on hand.

While mixing all the ingredients together, my daughter was thrilled to see  we were making “cupcakes!”  And chocolatey nut buttery goodness they were!

I had two for breakfast.  Guilty.

With my ingredient substitutions, I calculated that each muffin, or cupcake according to my daughter, had about 160 calories.

On second thought, these would make excellent birthday cupcakes.  Just throw some icing on top, finely grate the zucchini and I doubt the kids would notice they are eating something healthy. 

I hope you get the chance to bake and enjoy these!  Cause I know, they aren’t lasting long in my house.

Here is the link for the recipe I followed:

thank you FB

Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook and being able to share exciting moments in your day, an old high school friend and I have reconnected.  She recently posted that she dead lifted 135 pounds, a wonderful feat, and not only was I excited for her, but determined to give it a try.  After all, isn’t that the epitome of healthy competition?  

The next day I approached one of trainers I’m friends with at my gym, and asked for his help.  He set me up with a 140 lb. hex bar (I never heard of nor used one of these before) and a standard bar with 135 lb.  I’m proud to say I accomplished 12 reps.  

I returned to Facebook to share my exciting new, especially with my old friend whose great work had encourage me to try something new.  Even though we are three states away from each other now, we got to share a little connection and I was mentally giving her a high five.

Fast forward about a week.  While on Pinterest, I saw that she had pinned a Paleo zucchini bread recipe.  First, I quickly checked the recipe and I was thrilled that I had all the necessary ingredients to bake it.  And then I headed straight to Facebook to message my friend,  “You eat Paleo too?!”  A girl after my own heart.   

She responded to my message explaining that she tries to follow a Paleo diet but some days are better than others.  And since I also strive to eat Paleo, we decided to become keep-each-other-on-a-Paleo-diet buddies.  YES!  Just what I could use.  Someone to share my daily diet with, exchange recipe and meal ideas with.  As well as to be there for encouragement and support for each other when we start to get off tract.

We spent the next two hours or so messaging back and forth about our goals, what we currently eat, what we would like to eat more of and touched on our work out routines.  I probably stayed up a little too late, we failed to mention the importance of sleep, but I’ll go to bed on time tonight – I swear! 

Not only was it great to talk to one of my best high school friends, but that almost ten years later, we have found common ground again.  

I am looking forward to being accountable to someone.  Most importantly, someone who clearly shares the desire to be strong, fit and healthy and who also understands the dedication and hard work it takes to achieve those goals.  

These things take not only time, but determination to stick with it and I truly hope that together she and I can step up our game and bring both our nutrition and fitness to the next level.

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